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Dan's comments ( )
Big Book
Click Here
This is not a workshop... But this is a good place to put it. This is the entire first 164 pages of the Big Book in Audio Book form.
Bob D
Click Here
Bob D is one of my 'favorite fingers'...
He points to the real message of finding God and the importance of helping others. He does this workshop solo. Theme: How To Recover
Bob D, Scott L
2007: Click Here

2008: Click Here
You can tell that Bob and Scott really click as a team. Scott really zeros in with his view of his job as a sponsor. You can listent o this type of workshop over and over and hear some new message everytime. 
Sandy B
1993: Click Here

2009: Click Here
Good snapshot of Sandy.
The first is a once a week meeting back in 1993.
The second is a more recent workshop.
Don P
2003: Click Here

Last: Click Here
Don P's experience is awesome. He was sponsor to Joe H & Bob O. His sponsor Gary B. - His last talk is kinda hard to listen to because his health was failing. But his level of gratitude, grace and humor is priceless.
DonP, JerryE, BoT
2003: Click Here
This is a long and detailed workshop.
Well worth a long and detailed listen.
Mark H, Joe H
2002: Click Here

2003: Click Here
Click Here
Mark and Joe made a heck of a team. According to what they say in the 'last' the two of them did 12 workshops together. Both have moved on to their reward... but their message lives on. A lot of what they say kinda strikes me as off-base. Which means I have to really think instead of just listen. Great stuff!
Joe H
Click Here
This is Joe H doing a workshop alone. He refers to himself as no longer a circuit speaker. It is a very mature talk. Compelling.
Bob O, Gary B
Click Here
At the time of this talk..., these two guys have 83 years sobriety between them. Long time friends and with Don P on the sponsor tree between them... This message has much depth and weight.
Bob O
Click Here
One of the biggest benefits of Bob O's sober experience is the value of going back through the steps over and over.
Chris S, Peter M
Click Here
Chris S was one of the first workshop speakers I ever listened to.
Chris S, Ron B
Click Here
This is actually a 12x12 workshop. But they properly tie each step to the actual diection for the step found in... the AA Big Book.
Chris S, Chris R
Click Here
Interesting combo here with two Chris'
Larry S, Christian
Click Here
A really god team here.
Apples from the Joe & Charlie tree!
Larry S, Charlie Y
Click Here
Relatively new team when this was recorded.
You can tell they will continue to click and become great friend.
Larry S, Gene R
Click Here
A new partner for Larry after Charlie passes on.
Mickey B
Click Here
Mickey B is one of a kind.
I don't even know where to begin in an effort to prepare you for his talk. I just won't try!
Ray O
Click Here
This is a classic workshop.
Must hear. Quite entertaining as well as eye-opening.
More to come!    Check back often.

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