164 Speaks is a weekly 'Speaker Meeting' format.
In an efforts to help new comers get to know 'us' better...
The Speaker each week is recorded and archived on this site.

Thursday - 7:30pm
164 Speaks
Northgate Baptist Church
1301 West Linebaugh Ave
Tampa, FL 33612

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March 2013
Date Speaker/Home Group Link to recording
March 7

Toby T

Click Here
March 14 Chris P
Salv Army Aftermath
Click Here
March 21

Brain M
Salv Army Aftermath

Click Here
March 28

David K
Friday Night Men's, YANA

Click Here

Note: Links to recordings do not work until file is recorded and uploaded.

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2013 - 164 Group Step Workshop
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AA History Presentation
From 164USF 01/09/2013: Click Here

AA History Slide Show:Click Here

Dan M @ Holder (Citrus County) 01/26/2013: Click Here

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